South Shore Snorkel + Beach


South Shore Kayak, Snorkel, and Beach time!

Kayak, Snorkel and Beach time along the South Shore

South Shore Beach and Snorkel

South Shore Beach and Snorkel

- Kayaking the South Shore, Pulling boats up to a turquoise water beach, Swimming, and Snorkeling. Optional lunch option available and optional Water taxi back

Timing: 1/2 day to 3/4 day trip, depending on the group and their pace.  8:30am to 12:30 unless you want lunch option, then 8:30am to 3pm ish.

Price (not including lunch):
2-4 people: $40 usd per person
5 or more people:$35 usd per person
1 person:   $65usd (this is a private trip for 1 person)

Lunch by the Sea

Lunch by the Sea

Lunch Option: Add $8 usd per person. We do an awesome picnic lunch! Starting mid to late February, we will also be able to order lunch from the new restuarant at Coral Beach Village! 

Who is this For For all level of kayakers, but those new to kayaking should already be active in some type of fitness activities and in moderate physical condition.   Kids can do this trip if they are paired up with a stronger adult paddler.

South shore snorkel from below

Great snorkeling at Little Bight, Utila

We’ll start with the basic techniques and tips from your guide, getting to know our boats.  Then we’ll head out through the lagoon out to the oceanside of South Shore.  After about 45 minutes, we’ll pull into the beautiful Little Bight beach (pictured in the photos) and pull our boats on shore ( or tie to the dock and jump in, depending on the angle of the beach that week) to  enjoy some swimming / snorkeling / dock jumping or just some time relaxing.

If you choose the lunch option, we’ll follow our snorkel with an awesome picnic lunch.  We’ll typically be back by about 1:00 pm unless you want the lunch option which will add about 1.5-2 hours for lunch and relaxation time.    Total paddle time is about 2-2.5 hours  – about 40 minutes to our swimming and snorkeling spot and about 1.5 hour back (winds can pick up a little on way back).

This trip is a great combination of our Cays trip- for exploring the South Shore and beaches- and our snorkeling trip.  We travel about 1/3 the distance as our Cays trip one way (and then paddle back or if the winds are too strong, or people are tired, can do a water taxi back too :)

Seas are generally calm, though sometimes we will have a little wind chop or small swell towards the return time of day  In general, this  trip is relaxed and slow paced, unless the group wants differently.

After some nice snorkeling and swimming and chillin’, we’ll we’ll load  back in our boats for the paddle back.  The wind tends to pick up a little bit on the way back, but we will take our time and those in moderate physical condition should have no problem.  IF its too windy, we have the option of calling a water taxi for the ride back (additional fee). See note on Winds below.

Snorkeling: Our snorkel spot is an easy walk/swim off from the beach. If new to snorkeling, your guide will go over the basics on shore, from fitting to technique  to make sure you feel comfortable.  If you are an experienced snorkeler, we can work with you on freediving techniques too!

Winds: We can do this trip in almost any weather, however, its well known that the Tradewinds do tend to pick up in the afternoon. The Bay is downwind of normal tradewinds, meaning we likely will have to paddle back against the wind. We can do this in almost any conditions, and will allot time to do so without being rushed- worst case is it becomes a longer paddle. If for any reason the swell and seas pick up and the guide (or you) deem the waters unsafe to paddle (like if the winds reach the 25mph range), we can call a water taxi. If this is necessary, the clients will be responsible for the fee, which comes between $35 and $45 total for up to 4 guests. (But we don’t anticipate any problems or the need to do this too often – even in very high winds and big swell, we’ve done the paddle back in 45 minutes and we allot 1.5 hours- 2hours  for it if needed.)

Add’l Water Taxi: If a water taxi is used for way back, its $43 usd (about 800 lps) for the group additional for 1-4 people, or $53-$63 usd (about 1200 lps) for 5-6 people

* Prices above and are all inclusive (except for gratuities) and  INCLUDES kayak rental, private guide, snacks.


About the Water Taxi:   We work with some great local Captains for our water taxi back from the Cays.    Water taxi rates are about 800 lempiras ($43-45 usd ) per group  for 1-4 pp and 1000-1200 lempiras ($53-63 usd)  for a group of 5-6 pp.  Please note:  We don’t charge anything additional beyond what the Captains charge, and you pay the Captain  directly, as price out above.  IF for any reason seas have really picked up and a larger group (5 or more) needs to be split into 2, the clients will need to pick up the extra water taxi fare.

* (Note: These prices are for how many total are on the trip. So if 2 people book and they are okay having others join, their price and everyone elses too- will go down if others sign up for the trip. We pride ourselves on private trips- not mixing groups unless those in the group agree.)

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