Snorkel Kayak


Kayak and Snorkeling with a Marine Naturalist

Kayak Snorkel with a Marine Naturalist:  Combine the best of 2 great water activities!

Time: About 3 hours.

Kayak Snorkel Price: 2-4 people:       $40 usd per person 5 pp or more:   $35 usd per person 1 person:           $65 usd (private trip for 1 person)

Tips very much appreciated. * Prices Include: Kayak rental, private guide  / marine naturalist, kayak skills review, snorkeling skills introduction/review (if wanted), and snacks.  We also have some snorkeling gear that we can include without charge -plenty of masks and snorkels and 3 sets of fins. Check ahead of time…

Ways to Save  A Buck:   If you have your own kayak, take $10 off the price per person.  If you are asking “How would I have my own kayak?”, then  see our Rentals page)

The Trip~ Kayaking, Snorkeling, and Enjoying the Scenery of the Harbor and South Shore- This is about a great way to travel and explore Utila’s reefs!

Before we leave shore, your guide  will go over basic kayak techniques to help you with more efficient strokes.  She’ll also help you fit your snorkeling gear and give you and Utila's reefs are great to explore by snorkeling!introduction to snorkeling if you are new to it or want a review.

Then we’ll paddle out to a mooring buoy or beach (about 30  minutes of paddling, depending on the group) and we’ll tie up our kayaks or do a drift snorkel.Kayak and snorkel Utila

From our kayaks, we’ll slip on our snorkel gear right on the kayaks and then dive into the sea to explore Utila’s beautiful underwater reefs!  Your guide is also a marine naturalist guide who will give you some great insights and information on what you are seeing, including fish and invertebrates identification, but also behavior and general marine ecology of the coral reefs.

* Note: for most of our snorkel spots, we’ll be getting into the snorkeling FROM our kayaks- we will show you how before we leave and let you practice so you feel comfortable.   If you have physical limitations which may prevent you from getting back into your kayak from the water, let us know and we can find alternate options. For a little longer paddle, we can get in to some great snorkeling from shore.

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