Why Go Kayaking With a Guide?

Why go with a Guide and not just on your own?

Because we take care of everything so you can just enjoy!

Gear set up+ Safety +  Logistics +  Problem Prevention + Paddling skills instruction + marine naturalist + GREAT lunch= A better day for you!

Though it is of course possible to rent a kayak and go on your own (and we certainly encourage that for short trips playing around), when you go on a day tour  with Kayak Utila:

  • Your safety is of utmost concern, and we carry phone,  extra water, PFDs (life jackets), first aid kit, and more.
  • Information on the natural history of the mangroves and the coral reefs- as much or as little as you would like- we are able to present it.
  • Going with a guide ensures you the utmost safety, insider knowledge, skills and tips, and  a better understanding of Utila and the marine enviorment.
  • In addition, we can also work on you improving your paddle skills and paddle strokes- to make to a more efficient paddler.
  • You’ll also have an insiders perspective on the  island and island life.
  • Full awesome lunch prepared
  • All logistics taken care of

All this so you can just enjoy the day to its utmost!

Check our our reviews on Trip Advisor and you will see why our guests go with us and tell their friends too!

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