Cays Kayak

Kayaking the Utila Cays (with water taxi back!)

Kayak to the Cays!

Arriving at Water Cay, Utila Honduras

- Kayaking the South Shore, Swimming, Snorkeling, Lunch at the Cays, Water taxi back.

Timing: Full day trip- 8:30 am – 4:30pm.  Don’t worry -we are not paddling the whole time!   Total paddle time is about 2.5 hours, which is broken up by 1-2 swimming/ beach  stops en route to the Cays, then lunch at the Cays, and then time to enjoy Water Cay of course!

Stopping in at one of our favorite bays- about 1/2 way to the Cays…

Cays Kayak Prices: 

Please see note below on water taxi too..
4 pp or more: $50 usd per person
3 people:          $55 usd per person
2 people:          $60 usd per person
1 person:         $85 usd + (this is a private trip for 1 person)

*Important About Water Taxi: Most people opt for the water taxi back.  Its certainly possibley to paddle back- its about 4 miles upwind, so thats about 2 hours.  For a water taxi, factor in approx  $43 usd (about 800 lps) for the group additional for 1-4 people, or $53-$63 usd (about 1200 lps) for 5-6 people.

* Prices above and are all inclusive (except for gratuities) and  INCLUDES kayak rental, private guide, snacks, lunch, Water Cay access fee.   Please be sure to read note about water taxi above.  (Please bring correct change for the water taxi- lempiras is fine. Bank exchange rate is 19 lemps to $1 usd).

Who is this For: For all level of kayakers, but those new to kayaking should already be active in some type of fitness activities and in good condition.  

Passing Diamond Cay

About this Trip:

We love, love, love this trip!    We take our time getting to the Cays, as in this case, the journey is truly as important as our destination!

Seas are generally calm, though sometimes we will have a little wind chop or small swell towards the latter half.  In general, this  trip is relaxed and moderately paced. As noted above, some level of physical fitness is required- you should be in good shape, but you don’t need kayaking experience.

Fishing Village

Cruising by the fishing village of the Utila Cays

We’ll start with the basic techniques and tips from your trained kayak instructor.  Then we’ll start off through the lagoon out to the oceanside of South Shore.  We’ll stop once or twice along the way on beaches to enjoy some swimming / snorkeling / dock jumping or just some time relaxing.

One of our spots will be for snorkeling (bring your mask!)- walking off from the beach.  If new to snorkeling, your guide will go over the basics to make sure you feel comfortable.

Dockside parking for lunch at Pidgeon Cays


Lunch Break at Pidgeon Cays

Once we pull into the Pidgeon Cays, we’ll take a slow waterfront tour of the buildings and fishing boats; there is time to chat with the locals if you want as well.   You have the option of stopping at one of the restaurants at Pidgeon Cays for lunch or Kayak Utila will have brought a picnic lunch to have on the uninhabited Water Cay. (Both options are included in the price.)     We can take a little stroll on the Pidgeon Cays and hop back into our kayaks by about 2pm for our final 15-20 minute scenic paddle to get to the uninhabited Water Cay where we park our boats and enjoy the sand bar and beach.  At the end of the day (about 3:15), we’ll load our boats in water taxi for a boat ride back, having you back in Utila about 4:15pm.

Kayaks Water Cay

Water Cay Utila- Final stop!

What to Bring: See bottom of page for what to bring on our trips  (#6 under “A few notes about your trip with Kayak Utila).  Also, snorkeling gear and the water taxi fee as noted below.

Our local water taxi back~

About the Water Taxi:   We work with some great local Captains for our water taxi back from the Cays.    Water taxi rates are about 800 lempiras ($43-45 usd ) per group  for 1-4 pp and 1000-1200 lempiras ($53-63 usd)  for a group of 5-6 pp.  Please note:  We don’t charge anything additional beyond what the Captains charge, and you pay the Captain  directly, as price out above.  IF for any reason seas have really picked up and a larger group (5 or more) needs to be split into 2, the clients will need to pick up the extra water taxi fare.

* (Note: As with all our trips,  these prices are for how many total are on the trip. So if 2 people book and they are okay having others join, their price and everyone elses too- will go down if others sign up for the trip. We pride ourselves on private trips- not mixing groups unless those in the group agree.)

Variations of the Cays Kayak Trip:

Version 2: Round Trip Water Taxi Both Ways: Great for newbies or folks who just want to play around at the cays with kayaks and a marine naturalist.

Version 3:  Paddle both ways – Much less expensive because there is no water taxi, but for experienced kayakers only and we will need an earlier start at about 730 am, and we will have shorter stops along the way.

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