Day Tours

We have a great selection of day trips for you- from a few hours to a full day.  Our trips are personalized and small groups only- no tourist tour here! Click on the trip below or just scroll down

Mangrove Channel to North Side

Mangrove Channel to North Side

Kayak to the Cays!

Kayak to the Cays!

Snorkel Kayak

Snorkel Kayak

South Shore Beach and Snorkel

South Shore Beach and Snorkel

COMBO: Mangroves and South Shore Snorkeling and Swimming

COMBO: Mangroves and South Shore Snorkeling and Swimming

Skills and Custom Trips

Skills and Custom Trips


NORTHSIDE MANGROVE CHANNEL Kayak   (3/4  day)  *Most Popular

SNORKELING and Kayak with Marine Naturalist(2-3 Hours)  *Most Popular

UTILA CAYS Kayak (full day) *Most Popular

SOUTH SHORE Kayak, Snorkel and Beach  (1/2 to 3/4  day) *Most Popular

COMBO: Mangroves / South Shore Snorkel  ( full day)

Custom Kayak Tours and Skills   (Instruction, Skills, Shorter trips, etc)


Reservations:  Its best to reserve at least 24 hours before your trip day – more if you want to be sure we are available, as we do fill up and we typically don’t mix groups (so essentially every trip is a private trip with just you and your friends/family).

  • What to Bring: See bottom of this page for what to bring on our trips  (#6 under “A few notes about your trip with Kayak Utila)

  • Pricing:  Our prices are per person, based on how many total are on the trip (not how many total in your group).  Almost all our trips are private, unless you want otherwise. We pride ourselves on private trips- not mixing groups, but if you are okay with it, its good with us too!So if 2 people book and they are okay having others join, their price will go down if others sign up for the trip. Cool, eh? 

A few notes about your trip with Kayak Utila:

1) Our trips are generally PRIVATE trips.  This means we do not combine groups- unless those in the group agree.
2) Kayak Utila is primarily a guiding service.  As such, we generally do not do kayak rentals, though that may change in the future.    Click HERE to read more on why to go kayaking with an experienced guide.
3) We tailor our trips to you- and can modify these trips for the  for the Beginner to the Experienced Paddler!
4) Payment can be made in Lempiras (at approx 20 lemps to 1 dollar; whatever the bank rate is) or Dollars.  Sorry, we can’t take credit card at this time.
5) We also offer awesome extended multi-day trips too!

6) What to Bring:

    • Full water bottle for each person,

    • Wear and bring sunscreen,

    • Wear clothing that can get wet (typically bathing suit or surf trunks),

    • A Hat! You will want this~

    • Sunglasses- ideally with strap. You can pick up straps at a few spots in town.

    • Shoes- if you have water shoes or booties, thats best.  Some people bring old sneakers that can get wet.

    •  Rash guard or sunshirt.  We have extra if you need- let us know in advance.

    • For those sensitive to sun, a sarong or omething for your legs as most of our boats are sit on top.

    • Snacks if you want (we’ll have some too, in addition to lunch),

    • Waterproof camera (we’ll bring ours too!)

    • We’ll bring an extra dry bag for personal items but please don’t bring anything you don’t need for the day.

    • Gratutities very much appreciated- your guide works hard for you! If you enjoyed the trip, please tip your guide.


For further information or to book, contact  or stop in at our friends at Utila Realty (main street, ground floor, next to Munchies), and they can call us for you!

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