Deposits, Cancellations and Refunds:

We know things happen and plans change so we have tried to come up with a lenient cancellation policy that’s fair to guests and fair to us:

Deposits: We ask for a 50% deposit to hold your trip. You can drop that off in lempiras or $USD at the Utila Realty office, next to Munchies Restaurant.  That office is closed on the weekends, so if its over a weekend, we can make other arrangements to pick it up.


How to Cancel: If you need to cancel, please phone or email us with as much advance warning as possible. Do NOT leave voice mail messages as they can be very unreliable on Utila.  Voice messages do no serve as cancellation notice. However, you CAN leave a text message but it is better to talk  to us direct.  You can also   email at [email protected]


If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice before the start time of the trip (Most trips start at 9:30am, so this would be by 9:30am the day before), we will refund the deposit in full.

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice before the start time of trip we will keep part of the deposit as follows:

  • If you cancel after 9:30am the day before, but before 5pm, we will keep $12 usd per person
  • If you cancel after 5:00pm the night before, but before 6am that morning,  we will keep $15 usd per person. 
  • If you cancel after 6am the morning of trip, we will keep $20 usd per person.
  • If you don’t show up on the day of the trip with out informing us we will keep the deposit , up to 50% of trip value per person.
  • If one or more of your group doesn’t turn up on the day  and the rest of the group does show up, even if the one person is sick or other reason, we will keep / charge $20 usd for each person that doesn’t turn up. This is to cover the costs of food and the time taken to prepare the food and boats.

 We understand that people wake up sick, or otherwise, so please understand that we are not being jerks, but only because we’ve done food shopping,  food and gear prep, and also blocked out that day for you.

No Shows: If you are more than 30 minutes late for the start time of the trip we will assume you have cancelled and pack it up and keep your deposit, up to 50% of trip price per person.

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