Mangrove and Surf Kayak

Kayaking UtilaToday was a great day to be out kayaking on Utila! 

Though we’ve had a windy and rainy week, the weather held out perfect for us  as guests from Utopia Resort joined us for a paddle.  The wind  also gave us a nice opportunity to play in some waves to practice some kayak surfing skills!

Starting through the protected mangrove channel, we saw lots of seabirds -Blue Herons, Yellow Crested Night Herons, White Egrets, and a Tri-colored heron.  Once on the North side, the winds were pretty heavy, so we skipped the snorkel and paddled further down the bay.  After a bit of lunch on the beach, our eyes caught the small breakers just offshore- they seemed to be calling our name, what were we to do? Go play in them of course! Spent about 45 minutes playing around in the waves and catching some fun little rides.  On the way back, stopped for a quick snorkel in the mangrove channel, checking out the unique root system. Then for a nice paddle back to base.

  A fantastic day out there Dan and Sasha!

Mangrove Kayaking in UtilaSasha kayaking utila mangrove channel

Andi kayak mangrove utila







Posted Oct 7, 2010


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