Utila Mangrove Kayak and Snorkel – Carnival Morning July 25

North shore Triple

Carnival morning found a group of 4 joining us for an excellent day exploring Utila mangroves, beach, and reefs.

The group opted for the 3 person kayak- which made for some funny laughs in figuring out timing as their friend in the single passed them by.  Stopping for lots of crabs sightings and a large iguana as we made our way through the mangrove canal, the channel opened up into the beautiful North side, with the water truly gleaming. 

The weather was really on our side today–couldn’t have been much more perfect as you’ll see from the shots of Rock Harbor below~and no one else around!

Enjoyed a nice long stop on the natural sandy beach, and spent some time sitting and playing in the calm shallow waters. Then off for a snorkel to meet some of the juvenile fish on the reef such as the yellow tail damsel with the gorgeous iridescent blue spots, blue tangs who are a pure yellow in the juvenile phase, ocean surgeon fish with their noted spine/”scalpel blade” on their tail,  sargeant majors who look just like miniature adults the size of your fingernail, as well as many adult species such as the large blue tangs, barracuda, parrotfish and more.  

Then back in the kayaks for a paddle back~Great day out there guys!

Mangroves TripleDuckin'

Triple DuckingAndi mangrove

Utila, Yeah, its that niceTriplecoming into shroe

rock harbor pretty

Jumping up

To book your Utila kayak trip, contact us at KayakUtila.com or stop in at the Utila Realty office, located in the center of Utila town, Mango Tree Building.


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