Combo: Mangroves, Kayaking, South Shore Beaches and Snorkeling

Combo Trip: Mangrove Exploration and South Shore Kayak, Snorkel, and Beach time!

Combo Trip: Combine the best of our two amazing ecosystems- Mangrove Channels and Coral Reefs!

COMBO: Mangroves and South Shore Snorkeling and Swimming

COMBO: Mangroves and South Shore Snorkeling and Swimming

Timing: 9am to 4pm

On this trip we combine our Mangrove North Side Trip and South Shore Kayak/Snorkel/Beach Swim Trip into one trip, offering both exploration of mangroves and coral reefs in one amazing day !

Who is this For: For all level of kayakers, but those new to kayaking should already be active in some type of fitness activities and in good condition as there is a fair amount of paddling.  The winds generally DO pick up in the afternoon, so it can be a more rigorous paddle back.  (There is an option to take a water taxi back for additional fee)

mangrove channel

First we explore the mangroves

Prices: (Full Day, Lunch Included):

  • 2-4 people:      $59 usd per person
  • 5 or more people: $49 usd per person
  • 1 person:         $79 usd (this is a private trip for 1 person- if more pp join, your price goes down)

* Prices above and are all inclusive (except for gratuities) and  INCLUDES kayak rental, private guide, snacks, and full Lunch

Dock at Little Bight

We’ll make it to Little Bight about 12 noon- take a dip in the refreshing turquoise waters, and then either snorkel or lunch, depending on the group.  You can look at our SOUTH SHORE trip above for more details.   After spending some time by the sea, around 2:00pm we’ll load back in our kayaks and paddle back.  If the winds have picked up quite a bit, we do a short portage and put the kayaks in the back lagoon where we have more sheltered waters.   This is really a great way to see two diverse ecosystems of Utila, get lots of paddling skills in, learn natural history, and enjoy a great snorkel.


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